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The Moors

El Cid Campeador

Moorish Warriors
El Cid Campeador
Moor History

El Cid Campeador, a hero of spanish history. He was very closely associated with the moors.

El Cid Campeador is one of the most famous people associated with the Moors. His real name was Rodrigo Diaz. He fought zealously for Spain in a number of battles against the Moors for King Sancho before Sancho was killed by his brother Alfonso. Alfonso banished Diaz from Spain because he believed that El cid was plotting to steal the throne from him.

When The Cid left Spain,  many men followed him, loyal to him. King Alfonso took this as an insult and gave all spanish lords orders to attack him on sight. The Cid quickly amassed a small army, not of his choice, but because of his popularity. He live in luxury for a while, but it was not enough, he needed a castle to live in, and a lord to serve.

He found a home in a moorish city named Toledo. In his time he fought for both moors and christians, which is why the pope refused his canonization. He burned churches with equal zest as he did synagogues, killed christians in the same way he did moslems, and plundered and killed as much for livelihood and personal gain as for patriotic causes. He was as human as any other man, just more loyal than most.
The Cid of romance is quite different to the Cid of history. Where the Cid of romance is a hero and an ideal christian soldier, the Cid of history is quite different. He, as discussed in earlier paragraphs, killed and pillaged as much for personal gain, if not more, than he did for patriotism or religion. Spain believes him to be their hero and a few believe that he quides them to victory in battle, but he fought as zealously against them as he did for them.
El Cid Campeador is no doubt one of Spain's, and the Moor Empire's, well known warriors.